Go Back To The Beginning Of David Bowie’s Career With His Legendary Hit Single Space Oddity!

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Few musicians or artists have impacted the world quite like David Bowie has. His passion and love for the arts made him a force to be reckoned with. From a young age Bowie had a love for music and performing. In fact, several of his teachers from his early years had commented on his vivid and artistic imagination. As he got older his interest in expressing himself artistically only few more intense. He told his mother he was going to become a pop star and he stopped at nothing until it happened. Throughout the early 60’s Bowie worked tirelessly to make a name for himself as a musician. He interacted with artists from all different background and when he met the dancer Lindsay Kemp everything seemed to fall into place for Bowie. It was at Kemp’s dance school where David Bowie really blossomed into an avant garde artist. Not long after attending Lindsay Kemp’s art school Bowie had his first big success with his legendary single “Space Oddity” off of his 1969 self titled album.

The mix of acoustic sound with the instrumental build up offered a one of a kind sound that was simply not heard from anyone else at the time.  Not to mention it had a direct correlation with the obsession and buzz over space travel in the late 60’s. As a result, it was not long before the single climbed up the charts and Bowie’s name became a known all over the world. It is no doubt that David Bowie’s single “Space Oddity” catapulted him into the spotlight. However, his ability to endlessly recreate his image and artistic expression is what truly made him a magical force not only in music, but the artistic community as a whole. Throughout his entire career he changed and recreated his image to not only adapt with the times, but also experiment with is art and vision wholeheartedly.  To this day he is considered a legend and icon who inspires endless artists and individuals to full express themselves .  With out the emergence of David Bowie and his boundless creativity it is hard to imagine what the world of music would look like today.  To watch the music video for the song that helped kick start David Bowie’s legendary career click the video below.

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