Get a Look At The Most Extreme Limousine Known As The Sin City Hustler!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Prepare to witness one of the most extreme limousines to have ever been created, the Sin City Hustler! This crazy limo was the brainchild of Brad Cambell and the best way to describe his creation is to describe it as a cross between a limousine and a monster truck. Among the hardware is a 521ci, 700HP big block gas V8, a quick-swap engine, a DOM-tube frame chassis, transmission and transfer case. This is surely unlike any other limo you have ever witnessed and it costs a pretty penny to ride in something this unique! If you want to get a super limo of your own then scribble a check for $1 million to Big Toyz Racing Motors in White Hills, Arizona! Click the video below to check out this extreme limousine!

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