The Fastest And The Most Exciting MINI in The World

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Meet the new Gen 3 Mini Cooper S and see why XCar dubbed it as the most exciting MINI ever created in the world so far. Mini Challenge is a new racing series in the UK featuring hatchbacks. In this video, Xcar took a closer look to the new Mini Cooper. It is said that the new hatchback is more fuel efficent, it also has a new grille, LEDs on the front lights, a steeper windscreen and a lower rear bumper and a 3 or 4 Cylinder engine that can reduce fuel consumption of about 27 percent. On top of that, compare to a typical race car, Gen 3 Mini Cooper is notably more affordable and yet you’ll get more than what you paid for as it offers a highly credible performance and absolutely good for the Mini Challenge! Watch the video below to know more about this hatchback!

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