Eye Catching Blown Alcohol Chevelle Is A Certified Crowd’s Favorite

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

1320Video take yus back to the 2011 Ice Cream Cruise, a highly anticipated annual car event that gathers different car enthusiasts, muscle car owners, bikers and more.¬†2011 Ice Cream Cruise was a huge blast with¬†819 Cars and 96 Bikes participated¬†making it the biggest turnout that year. This video features one of the most badass-looking muscle car in the event. It’s a blown alcohol Chevelle that can be seen catching so much attention to the event. We do not get much details about the car’s specifications and the rest of modifications made to it but we’re pretty sure that the look of it matches how it performs! Check out this awesome car below.

That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.