Dune Blasting With Ronnie Renner In 4k BOOM

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

What happens when an athlete at the peak of their sport and a filmmaker at the top of their game collide? The result is one of the most breathtaking dirt bike videos ever produced to date. Ronnie Renner is a professional free rider and Taylor Congdon is a professional film director, the two of them collaborated in stunning fashion for the 7th installment of Congdon’s Moto series. The advancement of camera equipment along with the expansive outbreak of social media has really fueled a resurgence in the world of free riding. Drones provide a cost effective way to put the sprawling land scapes, elevation changes, and stylistic beauty of the sport into perspective. Check out Renner handle his KTM like a bicycle, throwing whips over huge gaps that would make a BMX rider jealous.

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.