Drag Race: BMW X4 M40i Vs BMW X5M

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

As far as the drag racing videos go, watching two SUVs go up against each other isn’t as common as some would like. And usually, we find ourselves looking at some type of unfair matchup between the super-fast SUV and the fast saloon or the hot hatchback, but not this time. Thankfully, both the X4 M40i as well as a F85 BMW X5M belong to the same category of vehicles, though not the same exact segment. Even so, in one corner you have got a much lighter X4 M40i at 1,915 kg, whereas the X5M tips the scales at a whooping 2,350 kg. That’s as far as the flagship M40i’s advantage goes, at least on paper. The smaller Bimmer comes with the in-line 6-cylinder power unit, good for 360 PS and 465 Nm of torque, whereas the V8-powered X5M packs 575 PS and 750 Nm. Other than that, both vehicles feature all-wheel drive systems and both come with 8-speed automatic gearboxes. Well, who’s rooting for the underdog?

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.