Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Imagine the roars before this race is started, and also imagine a sound of the rear tires while melting the asphalt and the rubber’s smell that is spreading around, amazing scenario for those who appreciate the adrenaline. Those two fellows on this race first came dressed with Halloween muscle cars costumes and wanted to intrigue the crowd. They can’t hide a truth, their heartbeats reveal them. First they wanted to start separated, impress this crowd and won as many battles as possible and meet again in a final race, but wait the second those engines scream and those rear tires are not stock. They were put in a fight with each other at the Stance Dig Night event. A little angry, because they were busted you can notice a desperate blown engine sound, horrifying situation! Well, the start was announced and they started a race, standing on the rear wheels. Finally, their true face was totally revealed, so they raised the crowd’s adrenaline level to maximum. Watch the wheelstand and enjoy the race.

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