You Don’t Wanna Mess With Dubai Police, They Got Supercars!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

There is no metropolis in the world quite like Dubai. It’s one of the wealthiest cities and regarded as the “shopping capital of the Middle East.” The wealth extend’s to the city’s police force whose mentality is that the best way to fight speed is with speed. The police force of other countries may have a few supercars of their own, but the fleet of the Dubai Police certainly reads like a who’s who of supercars.  Dubai’s Finest have a Brabus B63S, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes SLS, Ford Mustang, Bentley Continental and an Audi R8. However, these are the least interesting when compared to the rest of the fleet, including a Bugatti Veyron, BMW i8, McLaren MP4-12C and the Aston Martin One-77.




Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.