Crazy Motorcycle Stunts, Wheelies, Burnouts, Crashes At Streetfighterz 2015 Murder Biz Ride

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

E.P.I.C. is the only word that adequately describes The 2015 Murder Biz Ride. Ridden by the infamous Streetfighterz, this year’s Murder Biz Ride was home to all sorts of insane motorcycle stunts such as [email protected] wheelies, standing on their bikes as they rolled down the highways, burn outs, spin outs, drifting, and tire smokings with a fine variety of crashes thrown in for good measure. Probably the best or worst crash is the one of the rider tumbling from his motorcycle and then flipping and rolling on down the highway. BRUTAL!


That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!