Cop Pepper Sprays Man for Flipping Him Off And Loses His Job

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Saratoga Springs authorities paid $50.000 to Adam Rupeka of Troy who got pepper sprayed and arrested after flipping off a police officer.

Rupeka, 36, gave officer Nathan Baker his middle finger salute while driving through downtown. The video taken by Rupeka after getting pulled over by Baker shows the officer shooting pepper spray in the driver’s face when he did not get out of his car and questioned why he was being arrested. Baker later resigned.

At the time, Police Chief Gregory Vietch said the officer’s conduct was inappropriate.

“The job of a police officer is not to drive around delivering attitude adjustments to those citizens who show unmistakable signs of being in need of one,” Veitch said. He added that even if Baker had been provoked, his actions were inconsistent with the department’s policies, training methods and values.

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