Check This Wonderfully Restored 1952 MG TD! Very Stunning

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

We’re back at the Gateway Classic Cars and here comes another classic vehicle featured in their Nashville Showroom. It is a fully restored 1952 MG TD which looks immensely beautiful. This classic car seemingly defies time as it looks really new. To give you an interesting fact, the TD model was only available for 3 years, superseded by the TF model. Nearly 30,000 TDs had been produced, including about 1700 Mk II models, when the series ended in 1953 with all but 1656 exported, 23,488 of them to the US alone. This fully restored model is powered by 1,250 cc (1.3 L)engine backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. The video below will not just give us an overview but also show the engine start up and sound.

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