Check Out Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro’s Highly Innovative ALL WHEEL STEERING System

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video, we will witness how this new groundbreaking innovation from Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro works. It is an optional feature that works incredibly fascinating. It’s the All wheel Steering system¬†with an electric spindle drive turns the rear wheels inward by as much as five degrees depending on the situation.¬†At low speeds they steer opposite the front wheels, which significantly increases vehicle agility and reduces the turning radius by up to one meter (3.3 ft). At higher speeds the rear wheels follow the movement of the front wheels. This further optimizes steering response, and vehicle stability is further, for example enhanced in avoidance situations. Feel free to watch this virtual demonstration on how this highly innovative All Wheel Steering system works and what benefits the car owner can get from it in return.

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