Check How This Dodge Neon Clutch Horribly Exploded

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

All drivers should be aware of their responsibilities and aside from careful driving, regular car maintenance is also one of those things that they should always consider. Unfortunately for this driver, it seems like he forgot to keep his Dodge Neon car in good shape and condition. Well, the video will show you how much negligence and carelessness he had made for his poor car. First, of all, he didn’t pick the best wheels and he doesn’t even care if they are perfectly matching or not. Secondly, he didn’t even pay enough time to fix the broken window and plastered it with plastic instead. Thirdly, he doesn’t pay close attention to his engine and as a result, the clutch horribly exploded, destroying his car hood into half. I just don’t know if this guy made it intentionally or not.

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...