Car Vs. Motorcycle Drifting Battle Between RX-7 And ZX-10 In High Plains Drifters Show Down

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Nick “APEX” Brocha is a well-known motorcycle rider for a reason: the dude can fly on the back of a motorcycle while also being able to control his bike in such a way that he can really drift, drift, drift. In this episode of High Plains Drifters, APEX sits upon a stretched 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10 bike in a drifting battle against a very obnoxious Corvette-powered RX-7, driven by professional racecar driver Jim Guthrie. Now, I will not let slip any spoilers related to this epic drifting event, I will say that the battle was fierce, tight, and something that children who have yet to be born will speak about in hushed reverential tones.


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