Car Takes Quarter Mile Track By Storm Finishing In Just 3.58 Seconds

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Here’s a car taking a quarter mile dragstrip like a fighter jet with a world drag racing record of 3.58 seconds. The record ran at 386.26 mph (621.61 km/h) and was set by Sammy Miller in his “Vanishing Point” in July 1984 at the Santa Pod dragstrip in UK. It was incredibly too fast it almost looked like a fake. Well I doubt if this guy Sammy had been late in any of his appointments. And it was so epic that I think even his soul and organs haven’t’ keep up and was left behind. The car was actually fueled by a hydrogen peroxide fed into a rocket engine through a throttle valve. Another quarter mile record was by Kitty O’Neil which was faster with a time of 3.22 seconds but was a ran made in a desert and not in a track. See the amazing show by Sammy Miller with this video shared below.

Unbelievable. Want another video like that? Check out the one below.