This Car Parking Fail is Just Too Painful To Watch! How Did She Even Get a Driver’s License?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

You have probably seen a lot of car parking fails on YouTube but I must say, this video is probably one of the best yet still too painful to watch. What we are about to witness here is a blonde lady driver who will leave us scratching our heads wondering how the hell she got her driver’s licensed. In the video, you can see the driver having a hard time positioning her car despite of generous amount of space she was allotted to. Unfortunately, the driver nearly damaged the yellow car by positioning her car almost centimeters away from it. I’m pretty sure she left some scratches and dents to it but what makes it more horrible is that the girl can be seen walking out so upset as if she is blaming the yellow car for making it so hard for her to park! Yikes!

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