Bolt-on 2006 GT Mustang Vs 1969 Camaro Big Block Supercharged

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

They say that nothing beats the classic and I guess that’s what this 1969 Camaro Big Block Supercharged proved in this drag race. In this video, a Bolt on 2006 GT Mustang and the 1969 Camaro Big Block Supercharged was put in a so-called bracket racing. Therefore, the cars can be put on a race regardless of their power and weight. In this video, the Camaro had a bad start which gives the Mustang the opportunity. However, the Camaro was able to pull it off and blow down the doors of Mustang. It was a good run for both cars do. The video, however is not clear enough to see the actual time they made but they both did well and it was undeniably fun to watch!

That was pretty crazy. Wait until you see this next video below...