BMW M6 Gran Coupe Vs Jaguar XFR-S Vs Mercedes E63 AMG! Which Super Car You Would Choose?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Imagine you get three beautiful cars and you have a task to choose the best, it is a real sweet job.

In this edition of “Drive”, host Chris Harris was “the sweet pain”, comparing three supercars, in order to be declared the best.

Precisely because it is a whopping three models, Harris could not make the final decision about which car is best, so he said before to decide the owner of the title, drivers need to sit behind the wheel of each of these supercars.

All three models, “BMW M6 Gran Coupe”, “Jaguar XFR-S” and “Mercedes E63 AMG” weighing about two tons and using a V8 engine with over 500 horsepower. So, every car enthusiast could wish for his pets.

Take a look as dynamic “Three” move in the direct comparison of the trail and the open road, so you can easily decide which of these automotive beasts will be officially your favorite.


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