Auto Tug O’ War Battle Between Actual 3500LB Jeep And Lil Girl’s Battery Powered Power Wheels Jeep

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Must watch video of a little girl, Heather, and her cute little electric Power Wheels Jeep take on her daddy’s full-sized, 3,5000-pound Jeep in a family-feud tug of war battle that could end civilization as we know it. Though Heather’s child’s jeep is not able to budge the real Jeep when her boyfriend is driving, when the girl gets behind the wheel things change and Heather and her little Jeep-that-can actually pulls dad’s Jeep down the road. No, really, this is what happens. WATCH THE VIDEO and watch your jaw drop!


Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!