Are We Expecting To See Real Flying Cars Soon? Check Out This Newly Unveiled Design by Terrafugia!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

US Company Terrafugia was founded in 2006 and ever since the company existed, they have already unveiled numerous designs pertaining to one goal and that is to establish a real flying car! They have shown different concept flying cars but none of them went to production. Recently, they have unveiled their newest design which they called TF-X which unlike their previous creation, will no longer need a runway in order to make it run! It doesn’t have airplane-like wings either. In this CGI Animated video, you can clearly see their ambitious project and they were aiming to develop full-size unmanned prototypes of the TF-X by 2018. The TF-X is still in the early stages of development but Terrafugia predicts production in the next 8-12 years. The flying car will have a range of up to 500 miles and cruise top speeds of up to 200mph. Will this project become successful? Are we really expecting real flying cars soon? What do you think?

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