Apparently, KITT is Really Not So Advanced And Futuristic! Watch This Video To Find Out Why!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

For those who grew up in 80s, you must be so familiar with Knight Rider who is portrayed by David Hasslehoff but apart from Michael Knight, another fictional character from this series took everyone’s attention and it is not human at all. KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) is basically a fictional car that features a bunch of futuristic capabilities. It has its own intelligence that allows Knight to communicate especially during their special mission. Interestingly, in this video, we will witness a guy who happen to see a KITT-inspired vehicle on the road. Unfortunately, this one is not armed with any weapons or any innovative technology similar to how the fictional car is being depicted on the show. In fact, what happened here is somehow an epic fail to the owner as he forgot to lock the door properly. Watch the video below!

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