The Allman Brothers – LIVE Fillmore East- Whipping Post

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Jam bands were a huge thing of the late 60’s and 70’s. In an attempt to keep in touch with their musical roots many musicians would often Jam with friends and grow musically through experimentation and improvisation. Throughout the early 60’s the future members of The Allman Brothers were trying to make their way into the music business, but found it all to be a bit too robotic. Finally in 1969 Duane Allman decided to invite anyone and everyone he knew to Jam with him and through those session The Allman Brothers were formed.  The group forged a strong brotherhood and would often spend countless hours rehearsing and experimenting with their sound.  Their fusion of Blues, Folk, Country and Rock really set them a part from many other musicians coming out at the time. When they finally broke out of the South and started gaining a larger fan base it was obvious that the chemistry within the band would light the fire of music lovers all over the world. Although the band did release albums, what really got them attention was their incredible live performances that were fully based on improvisation and playing off of one another on stage. They gained a massive reputation for being one of the finest live performances to see at the time!

Throughout the late 60’s and early seventies the band was keeping their head above water with their epic shows and undying passion for music. However, everything changed for them when they strategically worked off of the success they were having with their live shows. Instead of recording a whole new album and taking time off of the road the band members decided to make a live album! The result was their album At Fillmore East and the reaction was exactly what they wanted! For years the band had been making albums and touring with only minor success. However, once their live album hit the stores they had hit the Billboard charts and caught the attention of people like wild fire! It was on this album that previously recorded songs from their past albums took on a life of their own when played live. One great example was the song “Whipping Post” from their first self titled album. They had decided to feature the song on the live album and like magic the 5 minute studio version song was transformed into 11 minutes of pure improvised magic! In this video you can check out the live performance of “Whipping Post” that was a part of bringing The Allman Brothers to the Forefront of rock music! To check out their incredible chemistry on stage click the video below!


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