2015 Mustang GT BURNOUT Using The Line Lock Feature

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

The 2015 Mustang GT is impossible not to like. It’s fast, good looking, and it has the holy grail of engines! The magical 5.0….. It can also do some pretty bad ass burnouts using a feature you may have heard about, it’s called “Line Lock”. Line Lock is fancy for “burnout control”. All you do is put the car in track mode, hit confirm, press the brake, and the car will literally stay in place while you spin the tires for about 15 seconds! I think Ford finally understands us Muscle car enthusiasts, and that’s why they’ve included this feature. The Mustang in the video below is a 5.0, and has custom exhaust. So all that tied together creates a perfect burnout.

(The exhaust on the mustang is an H-pipe with a Roush axle back exhaust)

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