1930 Ford Model Is A 5-Window Coupe 800HP Drag Racing Monster That Will Haunt Ur Dreams

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Are you ready to be frightened to the core by a drag racing machine from the years of the past, the long forgotten years of the past!? Great, click play and get a double eyeful of Tim Reisen and his 800-horsepower, blown 8/71 350SBC-powered 1930 Ford Model A five-window coupe. Oh, and not only is this drag racing Ford Model A absolutely sinisterly gorgeous, the dang thing owes the drag racing strip turning in single digit times even when running without nitro. Moreover, with its lumpy cam and blower, the sound of this ‘30 Ford Model A is soothing as a nap on your big momma’s lap.  


That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.