16 Year Old Girl Drives A Super Pro 1969 Camaro!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Meet Taylor Hanus, a girl who prefers toy cars over dolls when she was a kid. From there, you know what kind of future she will have! Her grandfather “Papa Jack” who has been in the racing industry since the 60’s has been supporting her all through out. Taylor was able to drive her first Jr Dragster when she was 14 and she has been into numerous competition. In this video, she is taking it on an all new level by driving Jack Van De Voorde’s 496ci Super Pro ’69 Camaro. Under the watchful eye and guidance of Papa Jack, Taylor was given the opportunity to become the youngest driver in the Super Pro class at her home track Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois. Taylor had a remarkable rookie year running consistent 10’s and by the end of the season had set her personal best of [email protected]! Right now, Taylor is 17 and she is making impressive 8second runs with the Camaro!

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